Bout of Books 10.0 Wrap Up

Sorry I did not post more during the read-a-thon. I had a lot going on and wanted to focus more on reading for the last days. I finished the Graveyard Book soon after my last post. Then, I picked up The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I started off slow but as the plot picked up, so did my page count. I ended up getting about 100 pages from finishing the book on Sunday night before midnight.

My original goal was to read 100 pages a day for the entire 7 days. With the final page count at 727 pages, I successfully completed my goal. Even though I didn’t finish many books, I feel like I spent a lot of quality time reading. Especially since I was busy for a few days.

Since the read-a-thon, I have finished the Book Thief. I absolutely loved the book and gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. This book was a fantastic one to read during this week and I am very happy to finally know why everyone has been raving about this story. Now, I will need to procure the movie somewhere so I can compare the two. Have any of you seen the movie yet? If so, what did you think?
Total page number: 727
Number of books read: 1 4/5

How did you do in the read-a-thon? Did you read any great books? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Reading!


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