Book Review: Let it Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle

Let it Snow, the book that got me ready for Christmas.
Synopsis: A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a glittering, romantic holiday haven. Three of today’s bestselling YA authors whip up a recipe for holiday romance, in this trio of hilarious interconnected tales of love.

So, I read this a few weeks back in November but am just now getting around to posting the review. I know that is a bit early to be reading Christmas books but I saw this book at my library and figured it was close enough. I thought that this book was really sweet. I am a huge fan of anything Christmas but I don’t often get around to reading a whole lot of Christmas books.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It consists of three short stories that all interrelate and have to do with holiday goodness. I did not enjoy An Abundance of Katherines by John Green which I read a while back but did find his story in Let It Snow to be funny and enjoyable. As I said before, I am a sucker for Christmas so I was bound to like at least that part of the book.

I loved the fact that all of the stories intertwined in some way yet it was not always obvious which way the story was going to go next. Most of the characters in this book were fun and lovable with only a couple of people who were not my favorite. This book would be perfect to read on a cold December evening curled up in bed with a hot beverage and a bunch of blankets. If you like Christmas stories, I totally recommend that you check this one out.

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If you would like to buy this book try this link and I will get a small commission: Book Depository


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