Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-thon Update: Day #1

Well, I didn’t start out too bad for the very first day. I was in the middle of the Book of Lost Things by John Connolly when the read-a-thon began so I continued reading that first.

I recently got all of the Andrew Lang fairy books for free on my Kindle so I will probably be reading some of those short stories when I get too tired of reading my full length books. I am a lover of fairy tales so I am really stoked to dive into that beautiful treasury of them. I have a few other books lined up that I want to read but I don’t like to make too strict of a TBR list since I change my mind so much about what I want to read. I will be reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaimain sometime in this week since I just checked it out from the library.

I am loving this book-focused week so far. I have not truly dedicated time to reading for a while now, and it is so good to read again. The icing on top of this bookish week is the trip I made to Powell’s City of Books. Every time I go there, I am just like a kid in a candy store. It is literally a paradise on earth for me. I got a few books which I will talk about in a later post. The only downside of yesterday, was that this day trip to Portland cut down on my reading time a lot!

Now, for the actual page count update: I began on page 238 of The Book of Lost Things and was able to read to page 298 by the end of the day for a grand total of 60 pages. I know…..it’s really not that impressive. Considering how busy I was, I am actually pretty happy with that number. I wil be doing better over the rest of the week and hopefully, my days will be less busy.

Well, there’s my update.
Good luck to you if you are participating! Let me know how you are coming along in the comments.
Happy Reading!


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